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Tara Gleason


Embarking on a career in real estate is driven by a fundamental commitment to professionalism and a strategic approach. As a Realtor, my focus extends beyond mere transactions, encompassing the cultivation of relationships grounded in trust. Guiding clients, whether they are investors, first-time home buyers or individuals parting with cherished properties, presents an opportunity to make a positive impact. My ultimate objective is to ensure that the home buying and selling experience is not only seamless but also memorable and enjoyable for clients.

Growing up in Stratford, CT, I developed a deep appreciation for the small-town feel and the tight-knit community. My knowledge of local spots, surrounding neighborhoods, and towns in Fairfield and New Haven County is more than just expertise—it's an asset in understanding the pride that comes with loving where you live.

Setting me apart as a proactive Realtor is a spirited nature, a passion for assisting others, and effective communication skills. Beyond these attributes, my strong negotiation skills secure optimal deals for clients, while my in-depth market knowledge enables precise navigation of real estate complexities. Aligned with a top-tier real estate brokerage and an exceptional team, I am well-equipped to deliver unparalleled service.

I'm not just guiding my clients through real estate transactions; I'm doing it with genuine care and a commitment to their satisfaction. outside the box to help you achieve your dreams. Let's make your real estate journey not just a success but a genuinely fulfilling experience.

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Real estate is a true passion and our strategic and constantly evolving approach is what helps our clients daily, whether they be a buyer or seller. That, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and strong negotiation skills, are just a couple of the reasons our clients describe the team as hardworking, honest, committed, innovative and experienced.


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