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4 Interior Design Tips for Your Connecticut Home

Houses in Fairfield border a few towns on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, including Westport, where stylish Westport luxury homes can be found. Fairfield covers an area of close to 31 square miles, where about 62,000 residents call home. Money magazine has ranked Fairfield as America’s 44th best place to live, as well as the best place to live in Connecticut. Houses in Fairfield have a median home price of $829,900, up from $750,000 one year ago.

Westport is part of Connecticut’s Gold Coast and lies just over 50 miles from New York City. Over 27,000 residents call Westport home, some of whom live in Westport luxury homes within the city’s 33.45 square mile footprint. Science-minded and nature-loving adventurers can visit the Rolnick Observatory and Earthplace nature discovery center to revel in the cosmos and natural wonders closer to terra firma. Homes in Westport have a median price of $2,395,000, down only slightly from last year's high of $2,497,500.

The Gold Coast and its surroundings are enjoying a seller's market, which means that more buyers are searching for a home than there are homes available for sale. Sellers could see multiple offers on their homes or offers that come in above the asking price, and some sellers could even receive multiple offers. Whether your home is modest or extravagant, a few unique design tips can add a little extra something to catch the eye of buyers. Here are some to consider.

1. Rethink storage

Traditionally, home storage has been limited to closets, armoires, and the like; in other words, storage is something to be hidden behind doors, drawers, or curtains. Times have changed. Instead of simply relying on outdated storage options, consider bringing your storage space into a visible display. Install some portable bookshelves—or invest in custom-built ones—and fill them with straw or canvas containers or baskets to hold your stuff. By doing so, you’ll extend your storage options and also create an effective way to keep your traditional storage more organized.

2. Wall finish and color alternatives

Even once you’ve found your dream home amongst houses in Fairfield, it might benefit from some customization. Historically, walls are finished with flat or barely-there textured paint finishes. If this is what graces your home’s walls, consider upgrading them to textured wall finishes, such as Venetian plaster or fabric wall coverings. Venetian plaster is a loose putty—similar in texture to waffle batter—that is applied to surfaces with a trowel and allowed to dry. The finish, once dried, is then burnished to resemble marble. A stunning wallpaper alternative is to cover walls with a textured fabric or grasscloth wallpaper, similar to those deep teal walls seen in Sol and Roberts’ dining room in the popular sitcom “Grace and Frankie.”

Additionally, homeowners have always painted their walls with light colors because it was widely assumed that colors—whether dark or bright—would be too trendy and make the space seem smaller. Nowadays, it's quite the norm to find foyers, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and dens painted in dark hues such as burgundy, indigo, and espresso. Whether these shades accent one wall or an entire room, they work to create an inviting, cocoon-like space that you just want to spend hours in. If you’re not quite ready to devote a whole room to a color change, you could paint the guest bathroom a vibrant violet or deep mushroom. If you don't like how it turns out, you can always try a different color with ease!

3. Knock down those walls

Historically, the only homes that bore "great rooms" were mansions. Homes were very compartmentalized. For example, the living room was separate from the den, which was separate from the kitchen and from a formal dining room. Floorplans—even those for custom-built homes—almost always resembled boxes that were stuck together. However, for the last decade or so, an “open” floor plan concept has quickly grown in popularity amongst homeowners. If your home is boxy and compartmentalized, there’s no need to build out to create more space internally. You can create a more flowing, open layout by removing any load-bearing walls that only serve to separate rooms that don't need separating.

For instance, many homes have a half-wall between the kitchen and the formal dining room. It usually consists of a counter/prep area on the kitchen side and is topped with a granite or laminate countertop that is seen from the dining side. Functionally speaking, its role was not only to divide rooms but to create a counter for food service. Removing this room divider opens the kitchen into the dining area and allows better flow between the two rooms.

4. Develop an entertainment space

While not all homeowners will have the space or funds to devote to an upscale home cinema like LeBron James has, dedicated game and theater spaces are an ongoing item on many homebuyers’ wish lists. Family rooms and unfinished basements are often fronted as game/movie rooms, but these days, homes have dedicated spaces for these pastimes. Homeowners might consider transforming unused space into a bowling alley, indoor pool, skating rink, or handball court. If you're more of the binge-watching type, a home theater is a must. Install comfortable seating and mini-fridges for snacks at your fingertips so you won’t miss a second of the latest binge-worthy, true crime drama or blockbuster action film.

Local realtors are ready to help you with fabulous design tips for your Westport luxury homes and beyond. When you’re ready to talk about this or find a new home in the area, reach out to trusted local agent Shoshana Snyder for advice.

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